The color blue is a miracle
The ocean wave’s hypnosis
Your thoughts sound just as beautiful
As the sirens with violin voices

Time Machine

Guys and dolls
Orange bar lights
Skirts and suspenders
Polkadot bowties
Trumpet horns
Spark jazz dance fights
Congo drums
Hearts and feet come alive

Carnival Games

Can we all go
back to the start
Before the tears
and broken hearts

So we can love a love
That’s free and wild
No games - no fears
Heart like a child’s


As a fish, you felt the waters rush as I swam close right passed your side
As a bird, you felt the flapping brush
Of air from wings as I flew by
As a girl, you felt your face flush
When you saw me for the first time
And when we touched the room grew hushed
As you felt the pull of our souls’ bind


In her mind
She radiated
And challenged those to fight
Mistaken dumbstruck awe
For triumph
As she shines her holy light

Rays not warm but sharp and blinding
The fruit we bear reveals our mark
But she’s the only soldier in her war
As we’re left sightless in the dark


Not a painted coat
Never pretty colors
Not a single word
But I can love you better

Dorian Was a Scholar

The Fountain of Youth
Rests not upon soft lips
Nor a thick and lustrous mane
But upon wise words
And an understanding mind

Youth, then is but a tease,
Which skims the surface
Of deeper waters
And true beauty
Is but a flickering reflection
Of an everlasting well of thought


Floating atoms and

magnetic orbits

suspended by breaths of air

make up human forms and

castles in the sky

The Search

We are not the colors that the eyes see

We absorb light and love, and reflect an illusion

We do not need our bodies to continue to be

Our existence on Earth is just a human delusion

Pack Rat

This house 

belonged to a

homeless man

who built castle walls

out of old tin cans

but the spectacle lies

in what he collected inside - 

deep piles of grudges and

a concrete pride.


We spoke the language
Of the mountains
And the winds
Stormy secrets
To our souls

But then they bound us
With an infinite chain
Made of 26 letters
That taught us to fear
A new meaning
Of darkness and fire

Hospital Beds

The world sprouts and wilts in dirt
While our nation’s robed in white-
All blooming from the same sun and rain…
The only difference between
Us and them
Is that we can die with dignity


who are you

behind your


what happens when

you have nothing left to prove…

would the weight of the world

with its

expectations of grandeur


would we 


to float?